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Please note:

Due to the volume of other photography projects, we are not booking any restoration/digitization work at this time.

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 We restore and digitize old photos like this:

081205 0001b before thumb

...into this:

 081205 0001b after thumb


And here's the before and after together:

081205 0001b before after thumb

Whether you have loose prints in shoe boxes or in albums, we can scan, restore and digitize them for you. Once captured and restored, we burn them to DVD disks. Finished images contained on your digital disks can then be used for email, to make prints at home or for use with an on-line photo service like London Drugs Photo Station.

We know that these are your treasured memories and we handle them with the utmost care!

How To Order:

The first thing to do is contact us and let us know your situation and what you are wanting to do. You can prepare loose originals into envelopes or small boxes. Originals contained in albums should be left as-is ...just bring the entire albums to us as they are. If your originals are in albums and you only want certain ones restored and/or digitized, you can indicate which ones you want with small sticky notes placed directly into the albums.

Getting Your Images To Us:

Once you contact us, we may arrange to meet with you to go over your originals and the work required. If that isn't possible or if the work is relatively straight forward, we may just ask you to drop off or courier the originals to one of our local drop off points. We have made arrangements for this with a few local businesses that have storefronts and are open regular hours.

Contact us by email or by phone: 250.494.1789

Thank you!

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